Anon Trendz as a content creator, creating Entertaining, creative, Educative, disciplined and diverse contents. Besides, We exclusively undertakes copyrighted works such as Movies in various languages, Episodic works, Music albums, Devotional songs etc. Anon Trendz does not ignore our little ones, we creates contents for their entertainment, education as well, to nuture their characterstics.

Anon Trendz is the destination for people to connect to national and international dialect cinemas like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla and English as well, and acts at the forefront of entertainment.

Now through online movie broadcasting Anon Trendz reaches the world's leading Internet website platforms.

Anon Trendz cinema is about to set its footsteps in a new and consumer friendly method that is to publish the newly released movies on online platforms in the same day of theatre release.

We are releasing Malayalam movies in overseas theatre for Keralites settled outside India and other mollywood fans to enjoy the movie with english subtitle.

Apart from Online entertainment, ANON TRENDZ entertains through Offline media such as digital video discs (DVD), Video Compact Discs, Multimedia Compact Discs, Super Density Discs, Laser Discs, mini-DVDs, HD DVDs & Blu-Ray discs Anon Trendz discover, build and develop bands to reach the Global consumer with releasing the audio tracks on their own label. Anon Trendz is also producing their own music albums.

Anon Trendz also reach among children by creating a variety of animated movies, rhymes, songs, cartoons, Moral Stories, Moral Stories in Sign Language, alphabets and number learning etc.

We create a way for other countries and other people to understand and digest our art, culture, creativity etc., by the means of dubbing. We dub Indian cinema to other national and international languages and make it easy and accessible by publishing the movies through digital Medias.